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Legal immigration status due to link with temporary resident

We previously commented on the fact that individuals tied to a Costa Rican by civil or common law marriage can opt for a temporary residence. By obtaining this status, foreigners could also benefit certain family members with an immigration status. In this blog we comment on them.

Economically dependent fathers or mothers, and offspring (between eighteen and twenty-five years of age), in both cases, economically dependent on the temporary resident, may opt for a special immigration category. This special immigration category allows foreigners to reside in Costa Rica for one year (renewable).

Although this special category is a possibility to obtain legal immigration status in Costa Rica, its limitations are important. This category does not grant authorization to work, does not confer definitive permanence rights (for example, to opt for temporary or permanent residence) and is subject to the renewal of the temporary residence permit of the main applicant.

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M.Sc. Ana Isabel Sibaja Rojas

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