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Renewal of temporary residence due to links with a Costa Rican

Obtaining temporary residence through marriage or free union with a Costa Rican confers rights on the foreigner, but also legal obligations. One of these obligations is the annual renewal of the residence. In this blog we comment on it.

The law establishes that the foreigner who has been obtained a temporary residence, free status, as a civil or common law spouse of a Costa Rican may, upon prior appointment before the Documentation Subprocess or another office authorized for that purpose, annually renew this condition. The Law establishes that, to do so, the interested person must provide:

a) Marriage certification issued by the Civil Registry of Costa Rica, with an issue date no older than two months at the time of submission of the renewal application. Common law marriages require the applicant to furnish a certification from the corresponding Court indicating that the common law marriage is valid on the date of renewal.

b) Demonstrate marital cohabitation, for which both spouses must present themselves to the Immigration Management Services Platform or corresponding Regional Delegation, to take the data ratification interview, as well as to provide any other evidence that proves cohabitation which must be signed by both spouses. If necessary, the Immigration Police may verify the information provided by the interested parties.

c) Proof of payment for the amount indicated at the time of requesting the appointment through the website or the 1311 service.

If the renewal is not carried out within a period of one year or if the corresponding requirements are not provided, the foreigner could be exposed to the cancellation of its immigration status.

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M.Sc. Ana Isabel Sibaja Rojas

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