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The new biometric passports allow the inclusion of self-perceived gender identities

In previous blogs, we discussed a Constitutional Court’s judgment that had found the Directorate General of Immigration and Foreignness Services in violation of the petitioner’s human rights for not issuing passports in accordance with his/her self-perceived gender. The Court had granted the Authority a term to make the necessary changes so passports could be issued in accordance with a petitioner’s self-perceived gender. At the request of the Immigration Authority, the Court again extended the deadline.

It has recently been reported that at least three trans people have been able to process the new bicentennial biometric passport with their self-perceived name and gender. To carry out this procedure, it is necessary 1) that the person’s ID reflects his/her perceived name and gender and 2) that the person authorizes the change before the Immigration Authority.

Please note that passports cost 75 dollars plus 250 colones. The document will be valid for 10 years and issued 48 hours after being requested.

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M.Sc. Ana Isabel Sibaja Rojas

CELIG – Center for Equal Litigation